Newsletter 48

Previously in Mimosa Duo Land…

“The Mimosa Duo performed 3 times in 3 days with a Gypsy Jazz masterclass thrown in the mix for the first ever GosBlues Festival. A great time was had by all and I dare say the Mimosa Duo will be back… !”

“Mimosa takes a mountainous voyage into the blue to perform in the packed out lounge of the alluring Hotel Blue in Katoomba. Rumour has it that after a chance meeting last year at the same time, Mimosa and the charismatic hotel owner struck a bargain and took a gamble by deciding to have Mimosa play in the hotel lounge to what was predicted to be a non-existant crowd. All parties were pleasantly surprised to discover that the room ended up being full! This recent performance certainly makes it look as though the beginning of a tradition is being forged. Mimosa Duo in the lounge of Hotel Blue the Friday evening of the Blues and Roots Festival!”

“The Mimosa Duo have been seen hiding in various quaint venues such as the Reviver bar, Gosford and The Great Northern Trading Post, Laguna. Some people have said that details of their upcoming performances can be found in amongst non-coherent words in vaguely monthly emails or even on this charming website .”

Coming up in future episodes of Mimosa Duo…

“Mimosa perform this very Friday (1st April 2016) for their local craft brewery. Craft beers on tap along with food and your favourite duo Djangling away on stage right next to steely vats of brewing golden beer. Heaven, could this be you?”

“Amongst the scurry of livestock and the smell of freshly made biscuits, through the crowd of onlookers and beyond the show horses, Mimosa performs on stage at the Hawkesbury Show, Saturday the 16th of April”

“The diary of your average Mimosa Duo member is full in April but a window of opportunity allows time for another performance at Gosford’s hidden gem the Reviver Bar. Sunday 24th of April catch them there while Sunday Jazz lasts!”

For more details on these upcoming gigs please head along to our site

And finally, in the words of Siddhautha Gautama

“Happy is he who has overcome his ego [and gone to see the Mimosa Duo live]”

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