Newsletter 51

Good afternoon mesdames et messieurs!

It is a nice day to be inside writing a newsletter and drinking a fine cup of rooibos tea! Phoebe is currently getting her hair cut so its just you all and me. She will never know that 1 row of her chocolate is missing…

Well, some news to report! Last weekend we had a gig at the Canberra High Court and it was fantastic! Over 400 people were booked to come to see the little old Mimosa Duo. The marvellous woman at the High Court who I wont name did such a great job setting it all up and much fun was had by all, especially us! We feel very privileged to be given such an opportunity. It seems as though it will happen again one day in the not too distant future too, so we look forward to that!

We will be playing locally this weekend at Hotel Gosford after our buddies, the Blues Angels, for an event called “Women of Blues, Jazz and Roots”. We will be on from 9pm to 11pm but the Blues Angels start at 7pm. Should be fun!

We will also be back in the Blue Mountains at one of our all time favourite venues, Hotel Blue in Katoomba! We will be on from 6:30 to 8:30, tickets are $15 and a cozy, quirky, pensive yet excitable vibe is guaranteed! Woo Woo!

We have also found ourselves on the Newcastle Jazz Festival line up. Gotta love a jazz fest! We will be on on Sunday the 28th of August from 3pm – 4pm at ‘Wests’ in New Lambton in the Marble Bar. Here is a link to the festival line up:
There are some other great acts!

As per usual head along to our website for any other gigs I may have kept a secret…

Well thats about all she wrote…

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