Newsletter 53

Happy Monday Funday one and all!

I am sitting a whole 50cm away from a freshly painted wall (in chalkboard paint) that smells particularly toxic so today I have a good excuse, that is, being high on fumes, for seplling mitsakes.

The bulk of our wedding season is over, brides and grooms are presumedly on honey moons and we are preparing for this years OzManouche Festival in Brisbane at the end of the month! We often practice locked away in seperate rooms but of late we have been turning up the ‘together’ practice to work on some exciting new bits we have been arranging for our performances at the festival. Its going well and we are excited about it!

We are fortunate enough to be performing twice at the festival this year once on Friday the 25th before two Australian greats, George Washing Machine and Ian Date. The other will be on Sat the 26th before of one of the worlds current gypsy jazz masters, Sebastien Giniaux (de France). Woo hoo! It is a tribute to the festival that they have been able to get Sebastien out! Thanks to the OzManouche team and to Sebastien for making the effort.

We have made a little tour starting with OzManouche in Brisbane then heading back down the coast stopping in at Byron, Ocean Shores and Bellingen on the way home. We play at Byron every year and this year we will be performing at ‘The Farm’ on Dec 2nd. We however, have never played in Bellingen before and we are looking forward to playing at their local gig venue ‘5 Church St’ on Sat Dec 3rd.

The gig in Ocean Shores is a house concert. We have played in many a house before but not as a ticketed concert like this. Tickets are $10 I believe (Pheebs is out again and she is the knower of this information) but if you want more info please ask and we can let you know where it is and put you in touch with the host.

In the mean time we are playing at the Erina Foghorn Brewhouse this Friday night from 8:30 to 11:30 which is always fun and tasty.

Please head along to out website if you want to see all our upcoming gigs

It was a pleasure as always!


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