Newsletter 54

Good afternoon earthlings.

The day has crept up on me but I have to get this out before a gig this evening at the mighty Avoca Cinema. We will be their live French music and are playing from 8pm to 8:45pm. There will be French canapés beforehand and a French movie on the big screen afterhand! I have just checked and tickets are sold out soooo… how about this for some new age promo?! Come to our gig, but you cant come. Not to worry we hope to be back there someday not too far away. They are good folks at the cinema and its great to support small family owned local businesses that provide high quality services!

Next Thursday we will be heading back up to the Tamworth Music Festival for the 3rd year in a row. This year we wont be busking though. We instead have organised a few regular venues for the 5 days we are there. Ruby’s Cafe in the morning, Pig and Tinderbox at mid day and the Atrium Shopping Center Stage in the arvos. You can check exact times on our website, the link is below. We have met a great bunch of people through doing the festival so we are looking forward to catching up with all of them up there!

We are cutting our stay at Tamworth short this year because we have a gig as guest entertainers aboard a cruse ship from the 26th! This has been a working project for the past year or so, so it is great that it has beared some fruit. Unfortunately we have just signed a contract and one of the things on it, in contract style gibberish, was that we couldn’t advertise for the gig. So another useless gig to advertise… What a productive email this has been!

Something you can come to though is a gig for the Newcastle Folk Club on the 25th of February! We haven’t played there before and I literally have to run out the door and eat an egg wrap at the same time so i’m not going to try find out right now. I will put details up on the website for this one over the weekend.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully cya all soon. Here is the link to our gigs page so you can see them all lined up neatly: 

Oh yeah, Happy New Year!


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