Newsletter 55

Bonjour mes amis!

Did you know it has been 58 days, 20 hours and 12 minutes since the last time we spoke in this one directional way. Bust that one out at your next trivia night.

Number 1 on the agenda and by far the most important. We are going to start the process of our 3rd CD very soon! It will be a live recording at a concert we are doing at the Central Coast Conservatorium in Gosford. It will be in 2 weeks on Sat the 18th of March. We will be doing 2 sets and hope to get enough good stuff for a double disk live album! We are very excited to have finally locked down what we want to do for our next CD and we hope that you can be there to share it with us. If we can pack out the room with as many people as possible that would be fantastic! Tickets are available through this link:
If you are interested please book your tickets in advance so you don’t miss out and so that we can have an idea about how many people will be coming.

We will also be up at our favourite Blue Mountains hotel, Hotel Blue, for our annual Blues and Roots fringe Friday night on the 17th. This pleasant little gig was a spontaneous creation 2 years ago when we happened to be in town so this will be the 3rd year running. Woo woo!

Here is something I learnt the other day. Ahem. A banana is a herb. There you go.

Hopefully see you all soon.


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