The Mimosa Duo consists of Phoebe and Morgan Haselden on the violin and guitar. They were both trained at the Sydney Conservatorium in classical music but have been making their own way, in a big way, since their graduations in 2009. Mimosa perform numerous times a year as guest entertainers on luxury cruise lines, they have performed on the Opera House main stage, at numerous festivals and for literally hundreds of events. In 2014 they spent 6 months living and performing in France and searching for the heart of Gypsy Jazz, and over the years they have toured all over Australia and New Zealand.

Phoebe and Morgan are fantastic musicians in their own rights both having studied with scholarships at the Conservatorium and having performed with a plethora of top notch Sydney based musicians. However, together is where they are home and you can really see the deep understanding they both have of music and of each other when they perform together. The music truely flows from their fingertips, they lock in tight and play with impeccable timing and feel. Their arrangements are interesting and unique, they highlight their own talent and the wonderful range of styles the guitar and violin can perform in.

Mimosa have currently released 3 albums. “Mimosa” in 2012, “Road to Samois” in 2014 and “Live” in 2017. Their first 2 albums were concentrated on specific styles, “Mimosa” is softer and more classical whilst “Road to Samois” focuses on traditional Gypsy Jazz repertoire. These 2 albums are beautifully recorded studio albums. Their 3rd album “Live” is a double disk live recording that throws away with stylistic restraints and shows off the virtuosic flair, musical subtlety and incredible variety that Mimosa radiates in their much loved performances. It also is the first time both Phoebe and Morgan have been recorded singing!

The Mimosa Duo always continue to push themselves, increasing their repertoire and musical skills. Rumour has it that Phoebe has started tap dancing and Morgan playing the trumpet… It cant be stressed more how brilliant it is to see the Mimosa Duo perform live and continue to flourish year after year! Whether you want to see them perform, buy their CDs or hire them for an event it is most certainly worth your while.