Newsletter 59

Good afternoon.

Can I do this in 20 mins?! I reckon not… Phoebe is telling me that I smell like an onion and need to, at the very least, deodorise before we go out to dinner, exiting the building at 6pm sharp. Sigh. I always liked onions.

Anyway the reason for the stagnantness is that I have been simmering in my little study setting up a reviews page for our website. 3.5 hours, 59USD, my long sightedness and a part of my sanity have all been lost in the process, but it is done and I have earned myself the last beer in the fridge for the walk to dinner. Hoorah!

So before any further ado, if you have ever hired us for an event, your wedding perhaps, or even if you would like to review a concert we have done or one of our CDs, please head along to our new sparkling reviews page where you can submit a review. We would really appreciate you taking the time to do so, thanks in advance!

Sorry Mum and Nanna, family reviews are kind of lame so if you could just keep them as face to face that would be great. And Dad I don’t want all our mistakes mentioned in a review either so your out as well.

While it appears that no time has passed, you are deceived! I failed my 20 minute mission, and now it is tomorrow morning. And what a morning it is! In a week we will be flying out to Norfolk Island for their annual Jazz Festival (which starts the next week on Mon the 4th). Really looking forward to that, its reportedly a great festival and a beautiful island. Thanks to those of you who are taking the time to come over!

A friend of our told us recently that the good old Aussy government are meddling too hard with Norfolk affairs, which sounds fairly typical of them, yet frustrating and potentially quite damaging for the locals. Here is an article if you are interested:

As I’m sure most of you are aware the xmas season if fast approaching. I have been diligently learning ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’ on the trumpet with the vision of using it to wake everyone up at 6am on xmas morning. I really do, do a beautiful rendition. Moving on, we have been asked to be the support for a gig that a singer songwriter friend of ours, Mark Wilkinson, is doing at the Basement in Syd on Wednesday the 20th of December. It is primarily Mark’s show so I imagine we will be playing for 45 mins tops then he will be on for longer but it should be a great night. Alongside being a humble and loveable person Mark is a great songwriter so if your into that style of music he is definitely worth your time. Tickets are on sale here:

Then to keep the festival spirit alive we will be hitting up the chaos that is the Tamworth festival again for the 4th year in a row. We must like it I guess?! We wont be there for the whole time but will give it a good whack and are playing multiple times everyday between the 19th and 27th of Jan. You can see where on our website.

It always bring me great joy hearing that people actually read this dribble! haha! So thanks for getting thus far, and i’m not even finished!

We wanted to say thanks to everyone who came to our CD launch at the Avoca Theatre on the 20th of Oct. We were really humbled by the turn out and had a great time! We hope you are enjoying the CD if you bought it! Also, we finally made it down to Melbourne since the last email and got a chance to play at the Paris Cat in town which was fantastic! The room was full and a good time was had by all. But even more importantly we stopped of at Braidwood on the way back to play for some friends of ours. These guys run a jewellery business and are responsible for our copper wedding rings which we love. I loved mine so much that I never wanted to take it off even when bodysurfing a heavy shorey… Sooo… I lost the first one. But since Braidwood on the way home I have been reinstated with a new one that fits to perfection! So now I can remain visibly married and body surf at the same time until my heart in content! Check out Vetro E Metallo’s jewellery here:

Merry xmas if your into that, otherwise happy summer!

The Grinches trumpet bearing Bannerman.