Newsletter 58

Salutations my friends!

In breaking news, the mighty Warlocks, my table tennis team, have blitzed there way into the A2 finals at the Central Coast Table Tennis Association (CCTTA), having remained undefeated during the entire competition! Thank you all, thank you, thank you.

Even more excitingly our 3rd CD is being printed as we speak! About bloody time, I know. We are due to pick them up early next week in time for our CD launch at the Avoca Theatre next Friday the 20th of October. We love playing at the Theatre and really looking forward to the gig. We hope you can make it! Tickets are for sale via the theatre site below, I have also just spoken to the owners and as of tonight there will be an under 18 year old ticket option that has a bit of a discount:

My wonderfully hospitable father is always concerned about keeping guests refreshed, generally with alcoholic beverages. On his request, you can think him for this at the gig, I will let you all know now that there are drinks (local beer and wine among other things) and nibbles available at at the theatre. There is a nice outdoor seating area and plenty of things to stickybeak at inside, so if you get there a bit early which would be recommended you can appease yourselves at the bar and find somewhere to hang out before the show. The show will be a sit down affair in the actual theatre where the movies are shown. We will be performing 2 sets with an intermission and then, of course, selling our CDs at the end. Wunderbar!

For those Melbournites out there, I am not sure if I will get a chance to email again before we perform at the Paris Cat on the 9th of November. This will be our first ever musical sojourn to Melbourne so we will come down with guns blazing and set the night on fire! In our minds anyway… Tickets and more info are available here:

By the way did you know we have a new CD coming out??

As I have mentioned previously we will also be performing at the Norfolk Island Jazz fest in early December, could just be the opportunity you have been looking for to surprise your spouse/partner/sibling/parents with a romantic/nourishing/spark inducing/music hunting get away adventure?! Here is a link to the main site below and if you are interested in going you may be interested in the package they have put together for us. For an information pack and further information contact Christan Davies at or freecall her on 1800 1400 66.


Its been an absolute joy as always! We are about to head off to perform at a wedding in the Blue Mountains this arvo then off to the outrageous and loveable district of Gulgong tomorrow for a gig that I think if for the public but I am not sure… If you from Gulgong you probably know more of it that I so hopefully cya there Gulgians!

Arrivederci .

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