Newsletter 61

This is Mørgân, the automated, email writing humanoid replica of Morgan the Mimosa Duo guitarist. Morgan is strumming sweet nothings in my ear as I type. Unfortunately, I have not been programmed to hear, only to type, so the music is not being heard.

Efficiency is my goal so now the introductory patter is out of the way here is where the Mimosa Duo can be found in the upcoming months:

Tomorrow, the 12th of May 2018: ‘The Cow Shed’ – Wollombi.
A 6 course meal accompanied by us earlier on and a dance band ‘Slam Tango’ later on. The Cow Shed is an award winning venue in Wollombi. Tickets are $110 which includes food (and I presume drink). More info on how to get in touch with the organisers here: Click Me

Sunday the 13th of May 2018: Bombini – Avoca.
Phoebe has been eyeing this place off ever since we moved up to the central coast. Morgan very smartly took her to dinner there for her birthday, it was a great success. Now, they have a gig there, marvellous! Happy Mothers Day mothers! The Duo will be on from 4pm to 7pm.

Friday 25th of May 2018: Avoca Theatre – Avoca (obviously).
A French soiree is on offer this eve at the mighty Avoca Theatre. A 50 min set from the Mimosa Duo then a movie with Omar Sy (the actor from ‘The Intouchables’ ) called ‘Dr. Knock’. Tickets are $25. More info here: Click Me

Sunday 27th of May 2018: Settlers Arms Inn – St Albans.
This has become a monthly gig for the Mimosa Duo. If you keen for a drive its a rather lovely destination to grab a beer some tucker and listen to some gypsy jazz. The Duo is on from 12:30pm to 3:30pm

Friday 29th June 2018: The Manly Fig – Balgowla Heights.
The Manly Fig is a wonderful gig! On once a month, the lovely volunteer organisers put on 3 different acts and the night is always has a fun community feel and the crowd is full of music lovers. The regular and loyal patrons used to be able to bring their own dinner and drinks although that may have changed with the new venue… Anyway, Mimosa will be one of the 3 acts this time and will be performing with their ensemble which adds a second guitar, bass and the most sensual of saxes. Looking forward to this! More info here: Byte Me

Something Morgan forgot to add last email was this: . A new YouTube video for you all. Both Morgan and Phoebe have acknowledged to me that they are rather poor in the area of promotion and marketing so this is their feeble attempt to try and resurrect their internet presence. Every new view puts a radiant smile on their sweet faces.

Morgan is whispering in my ear to say happy birthday to Rodger and thanks for the cake?

(this is binary for ‘Love youse all, cya next time, Mørgân’)