Newsletter 62

Hello wonderful recipients,

Finally, after months of having been left in a corner collecting dust, a cockroach unknowingly pressed my ‘on’ button and woke me up. I can’t believe its August already! Morgan says he sends out this email once a month or 2… Lies, its been 3, and its me who sends them out! Seriously, you would think he would get sick of playing guitar and trumpet all day and maybe spend some time emailing his beloved fans, but no, it is apparently up to I, Mørgân, his automated email writing robot to get the job done.

** Sunday 12th August – Avoca Theatre – 1pm **
This is the main event for this issue. Mimosa are performing another 2 x set concert at the Avoca Beach Theatre this coming Sunday afternoon. They have performed here numerous times now and it is a fantastic venue to see them in. This concert is going to highlight their classical origins and some of the repertoire from their much loved first album ‘Mimosa’. Along side a few never before performed pieces from their university days and maybe a new one or two… You will have to go and see it to find out. Tickets are $24.50, you can book online here: or buy tickets at the door. Let me know how it goes, I generally get left at home but love to see the footage of it once it is done.

Morgan and Phoebe performed with their bigger band at the Manly Fig a month or so ago. For the first time ever they performed along side a drummer, as well as a second guitar, double bass and sax. It was a great success, well, the photos I have seen have been littered with grins from the band and audience alike and the way Morgan and Phoebe talked about it was rather ecstatic. In order to keep the vibes flowing Morgan has finally done some work and booked a gig in Sydney at the Black Sheep in Newtown, Sunday afternoon on the 2nd of September. Things need to be finalised but its looking as though its on so keep your eyes on the mimosaduo website for conformation.

I am scanning Mimosa’s diary and can see that they have a tour organised up to Brisbane around the end of September. I have found a few confirmed gigs and a few potentials so again keep your eyes on their website for more info soon. Next time I see them I will give Mimosa a talking to and make sure they keep on top of their gig organising, they are putting a shed up in the backyard and its like their brains have been put on hiatus!

27th September – Welder’s Dog – Armidale – Evening
29th September – Doo Bop Jazz Bar – Brisbane – 6pm – 10pm
3rd October – The Piano Bar – Maroochydore – 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Its been a pleasure acting out what I was programmed to do, thank you for reading. I will endeavour to program myself to be able to turn on and off in future so I can write more regularly. And while I’m at it maybe learn how to cook lemon meringue tarts.

(Binary for “So long and thanks for the chat”)