Newsletter 64

Happy 2019 world, hope you are all well!

Phoebe and I are still here, alive and kicking. Its cruise ship season for us at the moment so we have been in and out of town like yo-yos. I fear we are slowly evolving into strange new breed of land / boat fairing mammals, kind of amphibious but worse because we can’t breath underwater. We are in limbo between worlds, unsure of where we truely belong, able to walk on unsteady ground, yet unable to control exactly where we are going! What lies ahead for such a creature?! Who knows… who cares… its been fun so far.

Bowralelians (people from Bowral), we will be heading down your way this very weekend on Sunday the 3rd of Feb! This will be our third lunch time show at the Bowling Club. We always enjoy ourself at this gig, there is always a lovely crowd, a delicious roast and some good banter. We have a number of new pieces to play for you as well as some of our old favs. Look forward to seeing you there again! Tickets are on sale here:
Facebook event is here:

Our vaguely monthly band gigs that we have recently started up in Newtown at the Black Sheep have been going really well. It’s a great fun gig to play in a relaxed and responsive environment. We will be there again on both Feb 24th and March 24th with the boys. Swing on by if you get the chance.

Also coming up we will be doing some New England region gigs (I think they fall within the region…) one in Murrurundi one in Nundle. We will be playing at The Barn on Saturday March the 9th. If you are local to that area you have probably heard of it, if not its a fantastic venue run by a wonderful local lady who bring out all sorts of people to the area. Please get in touch if you are interested in coming to see us there. We will also be playing for the Nundle Country Picnic on Sunday the 17th of March. Its on the grounds of the Nundle Woollen Mill, there will be food, drink and music! Perfect! For more info head this way:

As per usual all our gigs are on our website right here:

Totally unrelatedly, I have been trying to plan an outdoorsy adventure date for this Saturday with 2 other buddies in around the Central Coast / Newcastle region. We are all coming up with a plan then voting on the greatest one to do… I am stuck… Any ideas?