Newsletter 63

Good afternooooooooon,

Its a busy week for us over here at the Mimosa HQ. Gigs everyday from last Saturday to next Sunday then off to a cruise contract for a week on Monday! Nothing on the 11th and 13th though, everyone needs a break to play table tennis, right? Right. Your bloody well right.

On the agenda today we have:
1. Gig Promotion
2. Band name discussion
3. General banter

Lets begin. Simply and in bold to start with, then more in depth and less obtrusively afterwards:


Tonight October 9th – Parramatta Lanes Festival thing – 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Tomorrow October 10th – Parramatta Lanes Festival thing – 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Sunday October 14th – Black Sheep Bar, Newtown – 6pm – 9pm WITH BAND

Sunday November 4th – Tastes at the Bay, Nelson’s Bay – 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Saturday November 10th – River Festival, Lane Cove Plaza – 10am – 12pm

Sunday November 11th – Newtown Festival, Black Sheep Bar, Newtown – 3pm – 4pm WITH BAND

We are playing tonight and tomorrow night for Parramatta Lanes. I want to say its a Festival but their marketing team seems to have avoided that word… it is however, clearly, a mysterious and awe inspiring gathering of music, food and lights, that anyone in their right minds would make an effort to get to. We will be playing 2 x 45 min sets each night one at 7:40pm one at 8:45pm.

Now… you may have noticed two of the gigs are WITH BAND. This is true. We are trying to start playing more regularly with a few others, 4 to be precise. Double bass, guitar, sax and drums. We have played with all these guys a fair amount in the past and we love it but time goes on and things are hard to organise. Anyway, in a recent bout of inspiration we have tried to start a semi regular gig with them all to see where it can take us. These gigs are the beginning of that! What is pressing though is that we don’t have a good name for the band yet… I personally would like to include ‘Mimosa’ somewhere in the name to help with marketing but Pheebs doesn’t care too much, she cares mainly for a fun vibe… Any ideas?

We have been asked back to Tastes at the Bay in Nelsons Bay, which is great as its a lovely little Festival! We are very much looking forward to spending the day up there and filling the streets with our noise.

Since the last email I have set up an instagram account… I put it off for years but recently failed… anyway, the question is, will this email be automatically posted from this Mailchimp account through Facebook to Instagram?! Hold onto your seats!

Capt. Morgan.