Newsletter 66

You are reading a world record! This is, as far as my unreliable memory is concerned, the earliest Mimosa Newsletter to have ever been written! Recently, the one and only Phoebe, violinist and wife extraordinaire, has started taking an interest in the incredible power and influence these emails have on people, she is now taking it upon herself to remind me, daily, when she would like an email sent. So being the diligent and obedient husband and business partner that I am, I am ticking this off this morning, first cab of the rank. 

Pheebs has good reason to want an email sent though as we are about to embark on a journey that she has done a great job in organising. The Mimosa Duo is headed South for the following 10 days. We will be playing in townships and villages alike, some places we have been before and some that are new and uncharted. Here is what our little schedule looks like: 

Fri 4th July – The National Press Club – 6pm to 8:30pm – Canberra
Sat 5th July – Smith’s Alternative – 4pm to 6pm – Canberra 
Thurs 11th July – Paris Cat – From 8:30pm – Melbourne 
Fri 12th July – Bond St Event Centre – From 7pm – Sale
Sat 13th July – Paynesville Wine Bar – From 7pm – Paynesville
Sun 14th July – Murrah Hall – From 3pm – Murrah

The party Commodore leaves home at about 12pm tomorrow, Pheebs will have snacks prepared and I will hopefully have remembered to check the oil and pump up the tyres. 

Hopefully see you somewhere along the way!