Newsletter 67

I don’t know what is happening! Here I am again, bright and early, its 7:32am, I have already made porridge and devoured it, I’ve hung up the curtains after Pheebs so lovingly washed 5 years of dust off them, and now, I’ve clocked onto my official Mimosa Duo work shift early and am sending out emails. Are you impressed or what? Sometimes I wonder if I am still human or if I have been secretly armed with a brain chip that enhances my bodily functions before 9am. 

Speaking of human enhancement, my Dad has just gotten rid of his original hip and replaced with a presumably titanium one. Does that make him a cyborg?! I was thinking that it does… but on further reading it seems as though it, unfortunately, does not. Actually, I just went down a youtube rabbit hole, the jury is out, he may well be cyborg… Do you feel cyborg Dad?

Anyway, Pheebs and I have a mini tour coming up! We will be heading up to Tintenbar to play at their Upfront Club. Pheebs has been talking this gig up to me for years! It sounds like a spectacular place and I am expecting to see you all there. All of you! That will be this very Saturday (28th Sep) night at 7:30pm. So in precisely 60 hours. Have a squiz at their website to find out more about them and the gig this Sat:

We will then be heading up to Brisvegas to play at Doo Bop next Thursday (3rd Oct). We have played there once before, upstairs, which was great. But, this time we will be downstairs… In the smokey depths. We are also doing something new and exciting for this gig and getting some local muso’s to come in and join us. We will be playing with Cam Ford on guitar, Pete Walters on bass and Trent Bryson on drums! Shall be a marvellous evening.

Well its 8:26am now… Talk about efficiency. 335 words per hour, look at me go!