Newsletter 71

I have done it again… Despite the best of intentions I have left it to the day before the gig to send out an email. So, everyone please cancel any plans you have made for tomorrow evening, apologise to anyone you have irritated and blame me for the situation. We are playing tomorrow night at the Avoca Theatre with the Bathtub Gin Orchestra for International Jazz Day. Here is a flyer with more deets and a new YouTube vid of the BGO:

I realised as I set up this email, that the list time I wrote was the week before our daughters birth! I was harassing you to come to last years version of the same gig. Some things change and some stay the same. Incase you’re interested we had a little girl who we named Kitty. She’s our finest work yet, but is still just getting her head around things so wont start gigging with us for another year or so. 

Sorry to be brief but I have a small window of time that I am allowed to make noise… and I have noisy plans to pursue! 

Hopefully cya soon.