Newsletter 70

Come on in and see the fat lady sing!! 

My wonderful wife, the one and only, Mrs Phoebe Haselden the second of her name is as pregnant as they come and has her final pre-baby gig this very Friday! And it is no ordinary gig… 

We have been recently dabbling in the dark arts of collaboration and have been playing with some exceptional jazz muso’s from the mighty Cenny Coast that we have gotten to know and love over the past 5ish years. Namely Mr Dorian Mode on the keys, vocals and megaphone, Fiona Lugg on the double bass, Toby Hall on the drums and Brendan Berlach on the clarinet and sax. This little project has been named “The Bathtub Gin Orchestra” and has provided, in a very short amount of time, a huge amount of joy to all that taste it!

Here is an hors d’oeuvre of the project that I whipped up one COVID infested day:

This footage was taken within the first 2 hours of us having ever played all together before! We didn’t know what songs we were going to play beforehand we just knocked off the bottle cap and skulled the intoxicating music that flew out of our orifices. 

We will be playing at our favourite venue the Avoca Theatre, this Friday the 30th of April from 7:30pm for International Jazz Day which happens to also be Pheebs and my wedding anniversary. What a day, what a day! 

Tickets are $29.50 you can buy them through the link below, AND, you can use your NSW discover vouchers to pretty much get tickets for free.

If you are inclined to sweet caring thoughts about the wellbeing of our beloved Phoebe you will be pleased to hear that she has gone fantastically well throughout her pregnancy and currently her and the baby seem to be in tip top shape! 

Cya on Friday.