Newsletter 49

Good day fine recipients!

Welcome to the new subscribers! As many of you have noticed this email is not a hugely regular thing. I say once a month but the reality of the situation is that months go very quickly and my fingers type slowly so bi-monthly is nearly a safer bet. What ho!

On the agenda, firstly and fore mostly is the Manly Food and Wine Festival, this year known as “Taste of Manly”. We will be playing on stage at the Beer Garden which is on South Steyne near Wentworth St. Apparently the road ‘South Steyne’ has no need to be labeled a road or street is it simply just North and South Steyne… There you go. But what is exciting about this is that we will be re-united with our greater quintet set up! We will of course be playing along side our favourite saxman the lovable Louis Klasson but will also have guitarists Cameron Jones and Zane Bank with us which is going to be a delight! We are looking forward to this one and will be on stage from 4pm to 5pm, the last show there of the day.

We will be back at our local brewery the Six String Brewery on Friday the 3rd of June from 6pm. We have been there once before and the place was packed with a great atmosphere and delicious beer and food. Its free entry and just off the central coast highway in Erina so easy peasy!

When we dont have private bookings on the weekend we will be hitting up the Rocks Markets so if you want to know when we are there just have a peek at our website :  Peek . Info about all our upcoming gigs can be found there and we keep it updated so feel free to check it when ever your feeling a little like some Mimosa.

We have been accepted to perform at this year OzManouche festival up in Brisbane in November! Woo hoo! Looking forward to that and we will impart more knowledge your way once we know more. We will also be heading down to play a concert in the High Court of Canberra’s monthly concert at the end of July.

Some more irrelevant news is I have started composing our first ever Mimosa piece! So far I have yet to win Pheebs over… But give me time and she will come around…

Hopefully see you all soon. Feel free to reply with whatever is on your mind. Here is a link to something on my mind:  

Until we meet again,

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