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Time is of the essence, so please forgive any spelling mistakes which inevitably flow when I type in super speed mode! This jolly email is being sent too 400 people today! Thanks so much to everyone who has joined the list, if you would like to say something to everyone just hit me back and I will try to remember to put it in next time. That could be quite a fun segment to this email show… Hmm…

I ramble on! This weekend we will be playing up here at the Foghorn Brewhouse in Erina (not the one in Newcastle) this very Saturday which is tomorrow! The Foghorn has been doing live music for many moons I am led to believe they are also apparently quite selective so we are very happy to be playing there. We will be playing a few sets between 8:30 and 11:30.

More local news! We have been conversing with Le Chat Noir in our home Terrigal town. The owners are fairly new and are doing great things. It is a great restaurant tucked up behind the Crown, the new owners are breathing some fresh air into the place and are also keen to have live music. We will be playing a few times over the next few weeks there. Next Wed the 6th at lunch and the following Thurs the 14th for Bastille Day for both lunch and dinner. If you would like to come please ring the restaurant to make a booking because I know that they already have booked in some big groups for those days.

The next few weeks are going to be a bit sillily busy because we both have a few extra curricular non mimosa activities. I will be recording a CD with another group Devil on the Rooftop ( and Pheebs has been doing some shows with a corporate act. Every day is different in our little world. But after the next few weeks we are going to do some gigs on the south side… We only dare tread there occasionally.

One will be at the Bowral Bowling Club on Sat July 24th from 12pm. The guy from eclectic sounds got in touch with us this week and he said that there are a few of you down there that have been requesting that he get us in! So thanks, we are in! Hopefully cya there.. we will bring warmer cloths this time…

The other is even further south in our nations capital. We have conveniently timed it for the 31st of July after the election has had time too cool of. Research shows that around a month after an election people are really keen to see gypsy jazz performed live. So based on this we have lined up a concert performance at the High Court! They do a music series there with a show once a month. It sounds really great actually, the space is big enough for 500+ people and entrance is free! So Canberries it would be great to see you there. The link to the site is:

Oh yes, as per usual more info on the gigs can be found on our website:

I must away. The train waits for no one!


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