Newsletter 56

Good afternoon dearest Mimosa Newsletter readers, it is I, Morgan, writer of emails, maker of rosemary sourdough, swimmer of the ocean, trainer of grape vines, drinker of tea, hack job of the bugle and of course lover and player of the worlds finest instrument, the guitar. So far its been a good Friday.

I have plenty of news today fellow earth bound homo sapiens! Where to start is the main issue… hmmm…

For those of you who want a quick fix, jump in the car in a few hours and head off to Avoca Cinema. We will be performing there tonight as part of their French Soirée. Wine, canapés, a mini Mimosa performance and a French movie “The Country Doctor”. I for one am looking forward to it!

For those of you who are more long term planners add this to your monthly musings. We have been asked to perform for the Norfolk Island Jazz Festival in December, to which we said “yes please”! Gotta love checking out new places especially when a music festival is involved. This obviously isn’t a normal gig and it would involve considerably more expense to come, but if you are up for a bit of a get away it may be a nice option. A travel agent on the island who sponsors the festival has organised a little package deal for any Mimosians who would like to come. Here is a link to the brochure for the package deal:

For those neighbours of ours in NZ we will be doing a mini tour of the North of the South Island. A wonderful lady from Havelock got in touch with us to see if she could organise an NZ tour for us. We were thinking of doing so anyway, so that just made things definite. I booked flights today. Despite recommendations we will be doing it in winter… it will be 4 cute little cozy winter gigs in Picton, Nelson, Havelock and Blenheim on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of July.

You would think that was about it though right? Wrong! There’s more. After a cruise ship contract in early May, that I don’t believe I am allowed to name, we will be playing up in Murrurundi for a local gig at ‘The Barn’. This is one of those ultra special community organised gig venues that comes alive once a month or so. We always feel privileged to play for these sorts of things. That gig is on Sat May 20th.

The week after that we will be playing for the Newcastle Jazz Club on Sun the 28th with Derek Koo. We have done this once before and it was a great afternoon! The week after that we will be down for round 2 at the Bowral Bowling Club for a roast and concert combo! Thats on Sun the 4th of June.
Waiter: Would you like a concert with that roast ma’am?
Margaret: Yes, I would love.

Any further info on these gig can be found in this corner of cyberspace:

In further news here is a quote from one of the members of the Mimosa Duo in regards to their live concert recording on the 18th of March:

“A fantastic night was had by all! Well, we had fun. Ha! We are really happy with the turn out and a big thanks to everyone that made the effort to come. After a fews days of mental relaxation we braved our first listen to the concert and were really happy with it. The quality of the actual recording was top notch so we are very happy with our sound man and we were pleased with the playing on the CD and currently plan to use every piece we performed on the night. Now we just need to sit down in front of the computer for hours and mix it! Well, we also will get it mastered and need to get a nice CD cover sorted too but its a good start and we are enthused about the whole process. Bring on CD number 3!”

Thats it for another month or two.

Feel free to write back with whatever is on your mind.


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