Newsletter 57

Why hello,

My wonderful wife, the one and only, Phoebe Haselden, second of her name, master of the violin, defender of antique goods, exterminator of dust, singer of vintage melodies, care taker of all living things (on our block) and creator of my dinner says that dinner is in deed only 10 minutes away. Could this be the speediest email write up I have ever done!? I fear that the answer is no and that I will have to rejoin you after I have supped on some delicious veggie curry. But until then, write I will with the vigor of a cautious yet speedy antechinus!

As much a I dearly love our emails I often put writing them off, as to write I need to get in the zone and sometime the zone eludes me… but tonight there is not more time to procrastinate! The Newcastle Jazz Fest is this very weekend! We have been scheduled to perform from 12:20 to 1:20 in the Marble Bar at Wests, New Hampton. We have been feeling the need for some new repertoire of late so we will be trying a few new things which we look forward to! Here is a link to further info on the festival:

Over the past few months I have spent more time in front of a computer screen than ever before! I have been judiciously mixing our 3rd CD and we are nearly ready to send it to the printers! Woo! The CD will be a double disk with 23 tracks which is our longest CD yet. Whats more, the wonderful family at Avoca Theater have booked us in for the CD release concert on the 20th of October so we are well on track to having it ready by then! Phew… Its never too early to book tickets so if you are keen to come please give the theater a call! Also which if babbling, if you are at all interested in editing audio have a little look up of Izotope RX 6 which is a spectral editing program which I have used to get rid of a few coughs and things that we picked up in our live recordings. Its a pretty amazing program!

Now, I know that I mentioned this last email but unfortunately I have promised to harass you all every email about the Norfolk Island Jazz Festival 2017. Even if I hadn’t promised I would be mentioning it though as we are both very much looking forward to it. The festival goes for around 5 days and will be full of music we will be playing multiple times as will a number of other well versed acts. If your looking to treat yourself with a bit of a musical get away consider this as a good option! A travel agent on the island has set us up with a package deal so if you are interested in that here is a brochure:

Other things to keep in mind are that we will be playing our first gig ever in Melbourne! It will be at the Paris Cat which we have heard a lot about on Thursday the 9th of November. We will the be playing at a house concert in Braidwood on the way home on Sat the 11th. I will tell you more about those next times. I will also put up some more gig on the site tomorrow as we have booked a few local gigs around the traps too.

Guess what! I havent even had dinner yet! I manage to smooth talk Pheebs into waiting a while but she is content to wait no longer now I must bid you a hasty goodbye! Please forgive me for any spelling mistakes that eluded me!

Hopefully cya soon!


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