Newsletter 68

And I’m back.

I hope I haven’t kept you on your toes, checking your inboxes daily, for the past 7 months since I last wrote. Of all times to be emailing, I admit, this is a rather strange time indeed, all the gigs we have had booked, both public and private, on sea and on land, for the rest of the year, have been cancelled. Our calendar has become a barren landscape, the days of the week bits of tumble weed floating around without much purpose. 

But the www, the world wide web, the wonderful workspace of whatever, the weaver of words and whimsies, the wroughter of wires and waves, the wrangling widow of worship, has given us the means to continue chipping away at whatever it is that we do. (Yes, I made up the word wroughter, but it is absurd it is not already a word, one should be able to add ‘er’ to the end of any word to verbify it and create a job title out of it.) So, our main Mimosa mission for this isolation period is to upload a video to YouTube at least once every 2 weeks, and we would love it if you could be a part of this process with us, the viewing part. 

Here are some links to 3 videos we have put up recently:

We would really love to keep doing this indefinitely, even when humans on Earth becomes less infected with the coronavirus, and the greatest inspiration for us to continue, is when we get emails from YouTube letting us know we have new subscribers. So, if you are inclined to do a bit of YouTubing, please consider subscribing to our channel. There is a subscription button underneath every video. 

For those very keen observers, you may have noticed there is now a little instagram symbol underneath this rambling mass of words, as well as a youtube symbol, click them if you dare. Your judgement was correct, we are now instagramers too (note the usefulness of the ‘er’ here). My father is thrilled, and I have ceased dragging my feet and am now actively promoting gigs (when they exist) on instagram and putting up our YouTube vids there too. So, another request from us to you, if you have instagram, we would be touched if you followed us on there too. 

During the course of this virus, Mimosa Duo is going cyber, I have plans to set up a few other things and to enhance our online presence, so if you are keeping an eye out, once Google is renamed to Mimosa Duo, you will know that my work has been completed. I will also at some stage work out how to get our recordings onto Spotify.

Thanks for reading, as you can tell I am in no rush here and I appreciate you putting up with my word experiments, thanks for staying subscribed to this email list, thanks for your replies in advance and we hope you are all coping with this bizarre situation as best as you can. If you need any ideas for things to do to fill your time, one of my titles is Morgan, Master of Obsessive Hobby Acquisition, so just ask me for ideas. 

Cya around the wroughter. 

I nearly forgot! Whilst I have been perusing around the wrangling widow of worship I have updated our CD prices on bandcamp. They are now cheaper than ever before, happy isolation!