Newsletter 69

“Hi ho! Gig ahead!”

“But captain, I haven’t done a gig for months, I am weak and stifled, the suns rays hurt my bleating eyes, I can’t remember how to tune my guitar let alone play a host of entertaining songs, I think I want to become a frog instead of remain a performer, I’ve been dazed and confused for so long it’s not true, wanted a woman, never bargained for you…”

“Quiet, mortal!”

The end.

As I’m sure I have made apparent, my head is all over the place at this present moment. Hmmm… Some sensory delights?

So, I have just been down a youtube rabbit warren and have returned vaguely more focused than before. We have a gig coming up! Woo hoo! Pheebs and I have some new stuff to try out in front of an audience and we are well and truely ready to do some gigs again.

This gig is at the good old Manly Fig, now held at Seaforth Bowling Club. If you haven’t been to a Fig gig before they are a special breed. Steve and Robbie are a husband and wife team who created and have run this gig for years, it’s on once a months and they get 3 acts in each time. They try to make the acts varied each month so there is always a lot of variety each gig. This gig is so popular for acts to play at there is about a 2 year waiting list, and thats if you pass Steve and Robbie’s internal vetting system! We have played here before as a duo and with our bigger band, this time will be the duo. Gigs like the Fig are that perfect balance that well organised for a good sized crowd, yet super community based and relaxed, we love them, they are our home ground.

The gig is next Friday September 11th. Tickets are $30 and because of COVID bookings are legally essential! How fierce! To book please email Steve and Robbie at:

That is all I really have to report, and this measly email has taken me way too long, I was going to try and do some practice before I make the Captain her dinner.

Peace be with you.