Good afternoon mesdames et messieurs!

It is a nice day to be inside writing a newsletter and drinking a fine cup of rooibos tea! Phoebe is currently getting her hair cut so its just you all and me. She will never know that 1 row of her chocolate is missing…

Well, some news to report! Last weekend we had a gig at the Canberra High Court and it was fantastic! Over 400 people were booked to come to see the little old Mimosa Duo. The marvellous woman at the High Court who I wont name did such a great job setting it all up and much fun was had by all, especially us! We feel very privileged to be given such an opportunity. It seems as though it will happen again one day in the not too distant future too, so we look forward to that!

We will be playing locally this weekend at Hotel Gosford after our buddies, the Blues Angels, for an event called “Women of Blues, Jazz and Roots”. We will be on from 9pm to 11pm but the Blues Angels start at 7pm. Should be fun!

We will also be back in the Blue Mountains at one of our all time favourite venues, Hotel Blue in Katoomba! We will be on from 6:30 to 8:30, tickets are $15 and a cozy, quirky, pensive yet excitable vibe is guaranteed! Woo Woo!

We have also found ourselves on the Newcastle Jazz Festival line up. Gotta love a jazz fest! We will be on on Sunday the 28th of August from 3pm – 4pm at ‘Wests’ in New Lambton in the Marble Bar. Here is a link to the festival line up:
There are some other great acts!

As per usual head along to our website for any other gigs I may have kept a secret…

Well thats about all she wrote…


Time is of the essence, so please forgive any spelling mistakes which inevitably flow when I type in super speed mode! This jolly email is being sent too 400 people today! Thanks so much to everyone who has joined the list, if you would like to say something to everyone just hit me back and I will try to remember to put it in next time. That could be quite a fun segment to this email show… Hmm…

I ramble on! This weekend we will be playing up here at the Foghorn Brewhouse in Erina (not the one in Newcastle) this very Saturday which is tomorrow! The Foghorn has been doing live music for many moons I am led to believe they are also apparently quite selective so we are very happy to be playing there. We will be playing a few sets between 8:30 and 11:30.

More local news! We have been conversing with Le Chat Noir in our home Terrigal town. The owners are fairly new and are doing great things. It is a great restaurant tucked up behind the Crown, the new owners are breathing some fresh air into the place and are also keen to have live music. We will be playing a few times over the next few weeks there. Next Wed the 6th at lunch and the following Thurs the 14th for Bastille Day for both lunch and dinner. If you would like to come please ring the restaurant to make a booking because I know that they already have booked in some big groups for those days.

The next few weeks are going to be a bit sillily busy because we both have a few extra curricular non mimosa activities. I will be recording a CD with another group Devil on the Rooftop ( and Pheebs has been doing some shows with a corporate act. Every day is different in our little world. But after the next few weeks we are going to do some gigs on the south side… We only dare tread there occasionally.

One will be at the Bowral Bowling Club on Sat July 24th from 12pm. The guy from eclectic sounds got in touch with us this week and he said that there are a few of you down there that have been requesting that he get us in! So thanks, we are in! Hopefully cya there.. we will bring warmer cloths this time…

The other is even further south in our nations capital. We have conveniently timed it for the 31st of July after the election has had time too cool of. Research shows that around a month after an election people are really keen to see gypsy jazz performed live. So based on this we have lined up a concert performance at the High Court! They do a music series there with a show once a month. It sounds really great actually, the space is big enough for 500+ people and entrance is free! So Canberries it would be great to see you there. The link to the site is:

Oh yes, as per usual more info on the gigs can be found on our website:

I must away. The train waits for no one!


Good day fine recipients!

Welcome to the new subscribers! As many of you have noticed this email is not a hugely regular thing. I say once a month but the reality of the situation is that months go very quickly and my fingers type slowly so bi-monthly is nearly a safer bet. What ho!

On the agenda, firstly and fore mostly is the Manly Food and Wine Festival, this year known as “Taste of Manly”. We will be playing on stage at the Beer Garden which is on South Steyne near Wentworth St. Apparently the road ‘South Steyne’ has no need to be labeled a road or street is it simply just North and South Steyne… There you go. But what is exciting about this is that we will be re-united with our greater quintet set up! We will of course be playing along side our favourite saxman the lovable Louis Klasson but will also have guitarists Cameron Jones and Zane Bank with us which is going to be a delight! We are looking forward to this one and will be on stage from 4pm to 5pm, the last show there of the day.

We will be back at our local brewery the Six String Brewery on Friday the 3rd of June from 6pm. We have been there once before and the place was packed with a great atmosphere and delicious beer and food. Its free entry and just off the central coast highway in Erina so easy peasy!

When we dont have private bookings on the weekend we will be hitting up the Rocks Markets so if you want to know when we are there just have a peek at our website :  Peek . Info about all our upcoming gigs can be found there and we keep it updated so feel free to check it when ever your feeling a little like some Mimosa.

We have been accepted to perform at this year OzManouche festival up in Brisbane in November! Woo hoo! Looking forward to that and we will impart more knowledge your way once we know more. We will also be heading down to play a concert in the High Court of Canberra’s monthly concert at the end of July.

Some more irrelevant news is I have started composing our first ever Mimosa piece! So far I have yet to win Pheebs over… But give me time and she will come around…

Hopefully see you all soon. Feel free to reply with whatever is on your mind. Here is a link to something on my mind:  

Until we meet again,

Previously in Mimosa Duo Land…

“The Mimosa Duo performed 3 times in 3 days with a Gypsy Jazz masterclass thrown in the mix for the first ever GosBlues Festival. A great time was had by all and I dare say the Mimosa Duo will be back… !”

“Mimosa takes a mountainous voyage into the blue to perform in the packed out lounge of the alluring Hotel Blue in Katoomba. Rumour has it that after a chance meeting last year at the same time, Mimosa and the charismatic hotel owner struck a bargain and took a gamble by deciding to have Mimosa play in the hotel lounge to what was predicted to be a non-existant crowd. All parties were pleasantly surprised to discover that the room ended up being full! This recent performance certainly makes it look as though the beginning of a tradition is being forged. Mimosa Duo in the lounge of Hotel Blue the Friday evening of the Blues and Roots Festival!”

“The Mimosa Duo have been seen hiding in various quaint venues such as the Reviver bar, Gosford and The Great Northern Trading Post, Laguna. Some people have said that details of their upcoming performances can be found in amongst non-coherent words in vaguely monthly emails or even on this charming website .”

Coming up in future episodes of Mimosa Duo…

“Mimosa perform this very Friday (1st April 2016) for their local craft brewery. Craft beers on tap along with food and your favourite duo Djangling away on stage right next to steely vats of brewing golden beer. Heaven, could this be you?”

“Amongst the scurry of livestock and the smell of freshly made biscuits, through the crowd of onlookers and beyond the show horses, Mimosa performs on stage at the Hawkesbury Show, Saturday the 16th of April”

“The diary of your average Mimosa Duo member is full in April but a window of opportunity allows time for another performance at Gosford’s hidden gem the Reviver Bar. Sunday 24th of April catch them there while Sunday Jazz lasts!”

For more details on these upcoming gigs please head along to our site

And finally, in the words of Siddhautha Gautama

“Happy is he who has overcome his ego [and gone to see the Mimosa Duo live]”

2016! What a year to be alive!

Pheebs and I are still here ticking along, this will be our 7th year of Mimosa. Woo woo! From a couple of romantic camping holidays to Mimosa Rocks National Park to a full time job is a good little story. Pheebs has expressed keen interest in obtaining a mandolin and both of us have been practicing our vocal chords of late so hopefully within the next few months we will be delving into some new territory and chucking it in the Mimosa bag! We will of course keep up with the Gypsy Jazz as that love goes deep, and hopefully get cracking on a new album soon… That plus gigging all over the country equals lots of things to look forward to this year!

If you are in Wollombi area we will be playing in Laguna tomorrow night at the Northern Trading Post. As usual we would love to see you there.

We will soon also be playing at the Gosford Blues Festival. One gig each day from Fri the 19th to Sun the 21st. We will be hosting a free Gypsy Jazz masterclass on the Saturday too so if you are in the area with your instrument (or without it will still be fun) please swing along by and have a play with us! In Jan we went to the Gulgong Festival and along with performing held a masterclass then which was great fun!

The marvelous Manly Fig has started up new venue at the ‘War Vets’ in Collaroy Plateau. This one is on a Wednesday from 1pm – 4pm so if you can fit that in, Manly Fig gigs are the best! There are two other acts on that arvo and Steve and Robbie who put the gig on always get good acts along side being great people themselves! This gig doesn’t replace their normal Saturday night events, but they are looking for a new venue for that, so if you have any ideas or contacts please let me or them know!

Here are a couple of gigs coming up, for more info and to see when we will be at the Rocks follow the link below to our website:

FEB 12 – Great Northern Trading Post – Laguna

FEB 14 – ReviveR – Gosford

FEB 17 – Manly Fig – Collaroy Plateau

FEB 19, 20, 21 – Central Coast Leagues Club – Gosford Blues Fest

MAR 13 – ReviveR – Gosford

MAR 18 – Hotel Blue – Katoomba

Click here for more gig info

As you may have noticed we are still at Reviver but it has moved from Thursday nights to Sunday arvos. Should be fun!

Happy birthday Minten!

C’est tout.

Hello world.

You may well be the first person to be seeing this as this site is brand spanking new! We are using a wonderful template by audiotheme and are rather excited about it all really! Anyway, thats all this post is really for so please feel free to have a play around, let us know if you like it or not or have any other feedback. Otherwise we will see you all soon we dearly hope.